Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Finding a San Diego Remodeling Contractor in 2023

The homeowner’s complete guide to finding, interviewing, and hiring the best contractor for your San Diego home remodel  In This Post: (click to jump to the section) Considerations for Your Search 10 Questions You Should Ask When…

What's Your Remodel Contractor's Business Model?

When you begin to seriously consider a remodel on your home, you might be tempted to pick up the phone and start calling contractors. As I’ve already written about, this is a bad idea. Instead, you’ll first want to think about what TYPE…

San Diego Remodeling Contractor Awards

As a kid, didn’t you just love getting awards? A finisher’s medal for completing the one-mile fun run, a trophy for being part of the league champion soccer team, a ribbon for your science project on bread mold, etc… It’s not surprising…
SHI: Specializing in Old Home Remodels

Basic Remodels Make Old Homes Feel New Again

Even the most basic remodels can make old homes feel brand new. Renovations can increase the value and comfort of your older San Diego home.