SHI-Budgeting For Your Home Improvement Project

Budgeting for Your Home Improvement Project

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A home renovation is a big and complicated project. Understandably, when I meet clients for the first time on our free initial consultations, I get a lot of questions about everything from our design process to how we will protect their home…

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

As you may imagine, pricing for a bathroom remodel can vary greatly. How much, you ask? Think bathtubs. You can swing by a home improvement store and pick up a pretty standard bathtub for as little as $200. There’s really nothing wrong…

How Much Does an Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Determining the average cost of a kitchen remodel is not an easy task. You might be surprised to learn that kitchen remodels come in all shapes in sizes. In this article, I’ve decided to go with the Olympic standard and divide kitchen remodels…
SHI - Appliances and Fixtures

What Appliances and Fixtures Should I Buy for My Kitchen Remodel?

When budgeting for a kitchen remodel project, it helps to know exactly what appliances and fixtures you’ll need to put on your shopping list.

3 Things To Know About a Remodel Project Before Doing a Google Search

So, it’s time. You’re ready to take the plunge and remodel your home. Now all you have to do is pull up your trusty Google search engine, type in a phrase like “San Diego home remodel contractor” and let the magic of search bring you…