Should you “Like” your Remodel Contractor?

I’m not just asking this question because I happen to have a shining personality (at least my grandmother tells me this is true). I’m asking because figuring out how to choose a remodeling contractor can be extremely difficult, even with all the research I’ve recommended in previous chapters and articles.

You’re considering investing a large sum of your money into improving your home by renovating, whether it be remodeling a kitchen or master bathroom or a complete home makeover. Because there is little consistency in pricing benchmarks, business models and personalities when it comes to the millions of remodeling contractors wanting to work on your project, weeding through the information to make the right selection can be daunting, to say the least. Here are a few things to you may want to consider about the contractor you’ve finally decided on…

Consider That Gut Feeling

There is light at the end of the tunnel. While you might not have experience in reading a remodel proposal or an understanding of how to compare two or three very different looking proposals, you do have experience in knowing what kind of people you like having in your home.

While I’m not suggesting that you choose a contractor strictly on whether you like him (or her), it’s as good a starting point as any other. Figure out who you had the best feeling about during the interview process and then carefully analyze that bid. Find the things you like about that bid and the things you don’t. See if it includes everything you asked for. Then, use this as your benchmark.

Analyze Your Proposals…Closely

Analyze the other bids you received for your renovation on their own merits as well. If one of those jumps out at you as a clear favorite, that’s a good thing. But, if you find you’re having a hard time comparing, use your benchmark proposal to see what the differences might be.

Call and Talk to Your Contractor

Don’t be afraid to call one or all of the contractors who submitted and ask them questions about their proposals. If you think you’ve identified a favorite, call him and see if he’d be willing to spend some time with you comparing the proposals. His willingness (or unwillingness) to be helpful might be another factor in your decision.

Above all, keep in mind that the best value in your remodel will be a well-executed, efficiently run, on a budget project with clear and consistent communication from your contractor. If all of these things come together, you can count on enjoying your newly refurbished home for years to come.