San Diego Remodeling – Construction or Art?


I found it interesting recently while chatting with a new acquaintance in a sushi bar my wife and I happened across in San Diego that, after describing what I do as a local San Diego remodeling contractor and how passionate I am about it, my new acquaintance commented, “It’s your art!” Wow, it’s so nice to hear someone else say that! I’ve often self-described what I do as my art, but I have to be careful who I say it to. Many people see the construction side of custom remodeling in San Diego as a dusty, noisy, inconvenient nuisance – especially, after days, weeks or even months of having their home torn apart.

Yes, construction and remodeling in San Diego is all of the above, but it also culminates in beautiful living spaces, artfully and even delicately designed that will last our client a lifetime. It takes vision, management skills and a willingness to take risks with new processes and techniques in order to keep up with the ever-evolving interior design challenges and requirements of San Diego’s sophisticated remodeling community. Imagine Michelangelo on scaffolding laying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for months and years on end. Was he a painter? Well, yes he was. But he was painting something that has lasted for centuries and has come to be known as some of the finest art the world has ever seen.

So, next time you’re thinking about your custom San Diego home remodeling project, San Diego Kitchen Remodel or San Diego Bathroom remodel and which San Diego remodeling contractor you may hire – look around for the one who isn’t just a builder, but an artist, too!

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