Rethinking Contemporary Bathroom Design — Does It Have to be So Sterile & Linear?


Understanding Contemporary Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathroom design and remodel, in fact, any design and remodel, often the first word we hear in a client’s description of what they want is contemporary. In today’s contemporary style, those elements might include contrasting bold colors, sleek-lined fixtures and finishes and lots of primary paint and tile tones.

While most of our modern design-build bathroom project incorporate many of those items, we also find that for a bathroom design to be truly custom, to really become the personal, welcoming, tranquil and practical retreat that many of our clients wish for their bathroom to be, there are always a some elements that don’t fit the contemporary mold.

Often, in today’s contemporary bathrooms, there are few curves, rounded edges or soft features. There’s also a heavy emphasis placed on symmetry. But, it’s not a perfect world we live in. In order to get that personalized, truly custom touch, it’s often those not so obvious asymmetries that make all the difference.

Softening the Angles

Modern linear drains, while being basic rectangles of steel grating at their core, now incorporate designs in the grate that have swirls and other patterns, adding a splash of interest to an otherwise monolithic shower area.

Even when looking at what appears to be an extremely linear floor mounted tub filler or vanity faucet, you’ll often notice that the tubular steel it is made of helps to soften the angles. At the same time, square or rectangle undermount sinks that have been so popular now often have a radiused bottom to the bowl, which is practical as well as beautiful. The radius helps to direct water to the drain and reduce splashing that has always been a problem with shallow flat bottom sinks.

Illumination & Texture

Glass tiles, used either in abundance or as accents, by their translucent nature provide depth of texture and reflection, adding additional depth and dimension to a room. 3D tile often comprises the best of the linear and organic textures that can provide that transitional design look which adds character and personality to the space.

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Future-Proofing Your Bathroom

Let’s not forget Age-in-Place design. From roll-in showers to grab bars, it’s never too early to consider whether your bathroom will still be functional when you…aren’t. Many manufacturers are now integrating some age-in-place functionality with practical features, such as steel soap dishes that also provide a hand hold. Other features such as roll-in showers offer that highly desirable “no-threshold” look to the bathroom while providing expansive access for the less mobile.

In the end, a custom contemporary bathroom is not always about the most trendy design statement of the moment. Our most successful projects have been about the thoughtful incorporation of modern design with the classic and practical touches that make the new space feel like home for years to come.

At Specialty Home Improvement, we work with our clients not to simply design another contemporary, modern bathroom, but to create YOUR tranquil haven, which the modern bathroom aspires to be. Give us a call at (760) 738-6270 to schedule your in-home consultation now.