Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets – To Paint or Not To Paint

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets - To Paint or Not To Paint

For those of us that remember Grandma’s house, let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane. Think back to her kitchen cabinets… What do you see? Well, of course, the answer will be different for all of us, but, surprisingly, if you polled a certain number of people, the ratio of painted to un-painted cabinets would be about 50% either way.

Today, the trend in kitchen remodeling, especially in the San Diego remodeling scene, actually comes out to the same ratio when it comes to painted or stain grade kitchen cabinets. Even though many of our clients seem to believe that most cabinets are specified to be natural or stain-grade, we remodel contractors also know that go through long periods where painted cabinet are en vogue. Additionally, as stain grade cabinets age, the easiest and least expensive way to go about making them look new again is…yes, to paint them. Another trend in the local San Diego remodeling industry is to mix and match. In the last year or so, in kitchen remodels throughout San Diego County, we have done many kitchens where the islands are painted and the upper cabinets are stained, or vice versa, or any combination that can be thought of.

From painted to unpainted, two-tone to monotone, the rule of thumb in design and remodeling in as chic a locale as San Diego is that sometimes there is no rule of thumb! Check with your local San Diego remodeling contractor or design/build contractor to see what the latest fashions and trends are in custom kitchen remodeling.

From painting to custom tile on your custom remodel project, use our vast experience to enhance your home by contacting us today.