How Remodel Pricing May Vary in San Diego

How Remodel Pricing May Vary in San Diego

I think it’s fair to say that remodeling in San Diego and all the different cities and regions in San Diego County would represent a colorful quilt of cultures, styles and wealth distribution. From the strong military presence to the unique climates from one valley to the next, San Diego is a social hodgepodge and unique melting pot of the best of the best from around the world – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Some of my clients have wondered from time to time how remodeling pricing in San Diego and throughout San Diego County differs from city to city. For instance, they worry that San Diego remodelers and remodeling contractors may see that they live in La Jolla and charge more for a kitchen remodel than they would for a similar kitchen remodel in Poway.

Speaking for myself…

I can’t speak for any other remodel contractors in San Diego, but when it comes to Specialty Home Improvement, remodeling prices do differ from city to city, though not for the reasons you might think!

Remodeling project costs in San Diego tend to increase in higher-wealth areas, but this is a direct result of the needs and sophistication of the client. For instance, when performing a kitchen remodel in the coastal areas of San Diego like La Jolla, Solana Beach, Delmar, Encinitas and Carlsbad, clients tend to have residences and tastes with more unique needs, ranging from the accessibility challenges to eclectic finish fixture selection. Remodel clients in some areas of San Diego tend to request higher-end finishes, finer quality workmanship and seek more extensive remodel projects to keep up with the standards they are accustomed to.

Homeowners living in more moderate cities, such as Escondido, San Marcos, Oceanside, Chula Vista, Scripps Ranch, and Vista are more likely to request standard remodels and look to cut costs on finishes. They can also tend to shy away from some of the specialty design extras that can quickly increase the final price of the project.

No Stereotyping Intended!

Obviously, this is a broad stereotype and doesn’t come close to applying to everyone in every area. There are plenty of high-end remodeled homes in Escondido and plenty of homeowners in La Jolla who only want a small kitchen renovation.

Generally speaking, however, San Diego remodel clients living in more affluent areas tend to prefer intricate tile backsplashes and $8,000 tubs, while a homeowner with a remodel project in a more middle class area may be comfortable picking out a nice $1,000 tub and passing on the tile backsplash.

Also affecting the budget at this level is that higher end items often take more care, knowledge and time to install properly. In short, every little decision affects the bottom line of a remodeling project. Consulting with your experienced San Diego remodel contractor will help you to determine what best suits your needs, budget and neighborhood.

Regardless of location, my opinion is that each custom remodel project in San Diego is unique (that’s why they’re called custom!) and the costs should be based on the requirements of the project, rather than where it is located.

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