Basic Remodels Make Old Homes Feel New Again

SHI: Specializing in Old Home Remodels

Generally, when considering a major home remodeling project, you would get a picture in your mind of an older home. When thinking about older, traditional homes, many minds will picture stately brownstones on the East Coast or weather-beaten farms in the Midwest. In comparison, the West Coast seems fresh, new and modern.

That’s not necessarily true, even here in San Diego. California became a state in 1850 (after a little stint as a Mexican territory), and there are many homes in and around San Diego that are 30, 50, even 70-years old. In particular, you can find a lot of older homes in Delmar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Leucadia, and Poway, many that have been remodeled or are in serious need of attention from a San Diego Remodeling contractor.

As a remodel contractor in San Diego, whenever I see these older home, my hands itch for my tool belt. Time breaks down all things, and houses are no exception. Many older houses suffer from worn out flooring, cabinets, bathrooms and more. Often, the entire plumbing and electrical systems could use replacing.

Additionally, Americans have fallen in love with space and comfort, which older houses may be lacking. Many older houses in San Diego that need remodeling in places like Delmar and La Jolla are small, cramped and closed off. Homeowners may wish for a more open floor plan, extra space in the kitchen, a half-bath downstairs for guests, and an extra guest bedroom for aging parents.

Another compelling reason to remodel an aging home in San Diego is to increase its resale value. Every home buyer is well aware of the “money pit” stereotype that plagues older homes. It’s still a huge buyer’s market out there, and if a buyer has several different homes they’re considering, the older the home, the less likely it will be chosen

I also happen to think that remodels in older homes produce the largest quality improvement. Homeowners sometimes don’t realize how small and outdated their kitchen has become over the years or how much bigger a house can feel by knocking down the wall. Replacing dingy carpet with a hardwood floor and adding a fresh, bright coat of paint to the wall can work wonders for the look of a house. Even a basic remodel can make an older house feel brand new.

So, if you’re living in an old home that can only be described as a “fixer-upper” in Encinitas, Poway, Leucadia, or anywhere else in San Diego, consider giving me a call, Sheen Fischer, at 760-738-6270, or email me to put my years of experience to work for you.