How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?


As you may imagine, pricing for a bathroom remodel can vary greatly. How much, you ask?

Think bathtubs. You can swing by a home improvement store and pick up a pretty standard bathtub for as little as $200. There’s really nothing wrong with that if the thing holds water.

Then again, perhaps you have a taste for beautiful design and features on your remodel, not to mention a budget to get you there. You really want to do your renovation “right,” and, naturally, bathtubs come to mind. In this case, you could head on down to your local plumbing fixture showroom and pick out a beautiful freestanding tub for $10,000, give or take some change.

This same cost scale applies to cabinets, tile, stone and the myriad other style-oriented items you can put into your bathroom.

At the Highest End of Bath Remodels

In the interests of brevity, let’s start backward and set the high range of the costs for a bathroom remodel at $60k and up. This is where the rain shower head meets the stratosphere. Walls full of custom glass tile, stone fabricated into crown molding, remote controlled shower functions and craftsmen taking days to complete the most intricate details are the flavor of the day at this level of custom remodeling.

Custom Bath Remodel Pricing

At the mid–level of bathroom remodels the range of expected costs is be $30k to $60k. This price range includes tons of options. From custom stone and tile work to heated towel racks, everything from the obvious to the invisible features of a custom bathroom renovation can be considered. Working a designer into the overall budget is definitely an option, which can have a significant impact on getting the most bang for your buck. No need to have cold feet at this price point of remodeling, because there is room in the budget for in-floor, under-tile heating!

Still a Dream Remodel, Without a Nightmare Budget

At $30k and below, a bathroom project can still be the dream remodel you’ve always wanted. Careful budgeting, shopping and using the right contractor at the right time can result in a fashionable, custom result that rivals the results of a more expensive renovation. Usually here, there are a few custom elements such as tile layout and upgraded fixtures, but there won’t be any work along the lines of structural or layout changes.

Whatever the cost of your bathroom remodel, patience, research and a firm understanding of your needs and wants can all contribute to getting the most value out of your investment.