How to Choose Your Backsplash in a Kitchen Remodel

There’s something about a San Diego kitchen remodel that always comes down to one important element… the backsplash! Coincidentally enough, the backsplash is usually the last element to be installed during a kitchen remodeling project. It is also the thing that most kitchen remodeling clients agonize over more than any other decision on their kitchen project.

There are tons of choices for backsplashes in a kitchen remodel. From the 4″ – 6″ standard granite or solid surface backsplash to the myriad tile sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, designs and deco pieces – the backsplash decision can simply be overwhelming. Keep in mind during the design phases of your kitchen remodeling project that your top-level kitchen granite backsplash San Diego remodeling contractors should have a lot of resources to help with this decision. From interior designers to hands-on experience with many different materials and products, most San Diego remodel contractors can “ease the pain” of this difficult decision.

It is also okay to wait until the project gets nearer to completion before selecting your backsplash. By waiting until later in the build, you can start to see what your cabinets, granite, appliances, and paint are going to look like together. Often the backsplash can be the unifying theme that gives a kitchen its cohesiveness – making a nice kitchen remodel into a stunning major home improvement!

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