Under Cabinet Lighting in Your San Diego Kitchen Remodel

It’s funny how sometimes the seemingly most un-threatening, no-brainer concept for a San Diego kitchen remodel can become a topic for lengthy discussion and agonizing decision making. Of course, I am talking about under-cabinet lighting! Under-cabinet lighting for we San Diego remodel contractors is a pretty basic issue. Simply put, it is as important to the function of that new kitchen remodeling project as the sink, stove, and refrigerator. However, many older kitchens were built without under-cabinet lighting, so for the many homeowners and San Diego kitchen remodeling clients that have never had or experienced under-cabinet lighting, there is a debate on whether the additional cost and work are necessary. The under-cabinet lighting in your newly remodeled kitchen serves several purposes: First it provides work lighting for your kitchen countertop areas. Since most kitchen primary lighting is designed to light the kitchen space in general and is mounted in the ceiling, you will find that when at the countertop chopping, slicing, cleaning or preparing, you will have a slight shadow cast over your work from the regular room lighting. The under-cabinet lighting will provide direct lighting from in front and over the top of your work to more clearly illuminate what you are doing.

Secondly, under-cabinet lighting can provide accent lighting for your newly remodeled San Diego kitchen. In these days where the backsplash is often one of the highlights of the kitchen, the right type of lighting can bring out the great color and design that has been incorporated. Additionally, the lighting will light up all the dark corners usually hidden in the back of your countertops and make your kitchen feel larger, more open and useable.

Finally, the under-cabinet lighting can be functional utility lighting. For those evening times when you are in an adjoining room or when the kitchen may not be occupied at all times, the under-cabinet lighting can provide a way to find your way to the refrigerator, sink or trash bin without leaving the more energy consuming overhead lighting on.

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