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Why YOU Might Build an ADU (Granny Flat)

In our last article, we discussed the broad strokes of building a granny flat in California. Due to a severe shortage in affordable housing, along with mandated housing requirements, building ADUs — also called Granny Flats — provides additional housing more quickly and more affordably than almost any other means. As an ADU building specialist […]

Building a Granny Flat in San Diego County – What You Need to Know

At Specialty Home Improvement, we’ve been building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) — or “granny flats” — for our clients for years. For most of those years, getting a permit to build a granny flat involved jumping through multiple hoops and complying with very restrictive requirements. To address the severe housing shortage we face, the State […]


Perfecting the Art of Service

A properly executed remodel project is an experience that you and your family will remember, savor and cherish for a lifetime. Hence, our mission: To provide value, comfort and convenience for our clients through personal, caring service and an award winning remodel process. It is Our Privilege When you grant us the privilege of working […]

Why Our Clients Trust Their Homes To Us

I manage each of our projects personally and work with each client directly, wearing all of the pointy hats — from sales to project management to quality control. My efficient and personal approach to your project ensures that we can achieve the same magazine quality results at a far better price than the guys you […]

The Design-Build Advantage

The Traditional Method The traditional method of planning a project (design-bid-build) is to consult a designer or architect first, work to achieve a final design, send it to an engineer for specifications and calculations, put the design out to bid and then work to identify a contractor to implement the design. During this process, the […]

How to prepare for the start of your remodel

Well, the moment of truth has arrived. Your remodel contractor has called and told you that they will be starting your project next week. What should you expect, and what do you need to do? The best thing to do, obviously, is to directly ask your contractor how you can best prepare for the remodel. […]


San Diego Remodeling – Construction or Art?

I found it interesting recently while chatting with a new acquaintance in a sushi bar my wife and I happened across in San Diego that, after describing what I do as a local San Diego remodeling contractor and how passionate I am about it, my new acquaintance commented, “It’s your art!” Wow, it’s so nice […]

Home Remodeling and Glass, How Clear Can It Be?

During your San Diego remodeling project, most likely, at some point, you will be encountering glass. From the shower glass or custom framed mirror in your San Diego bathroom remodel to the glass tile backsplash in your new custom San Diego kitchen remodel, that hard, mostly see-through stuff abounds in today’s remodeling industry. Let’s face […]