What Appliances and Fixtures Should I Buy for My Kitchen Remodel?

SHI - Appliances and Fixtures

When budgeting for a kitchen remodel project, it helps to know exactly what appliances and fixtures you’ll need to put on your shopping list. Your chosen remodel contractor may or may not provide you with a full list of these items and also may or may not include them in the construction proposal.

Here I’ll give you two good starter lists to work from. For initial budgeting purposes you will want to do some research on some of the following essential items:

Basic Kitchen Remodel Appliance & Fixtures Package:

  • Kitchen sink
  • Garbage disposal
  • Airgap (that silver thing behind your sink that no one knows what it is)
  • Kitchen faucet
  • Range
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Cabinet pulls or knobs
  • Warming drawers
  • Decorative, undercabinet or over cabinet lighting
  • Garbage compactor
  • Wine or beverage refrigerator

The list is the easy part. Wait till you step into your local hardware store and see how many different kinds of cabinet knobs there are to choose from (Hint: the answer is A LOT). Appliance options are almost limitless, and manufacturers are always introducing new finishes, and styles to stay ahead of the design curve. Use this list as a jumping off point and then do a little window shopping. Getting familiar with some of the options and the associated price points will help you nail down some of the costs associated with your remodeling budget.