4 Big Mistakes Homeowners Make When Building an Addition


Putting an addition on your San Diego home is a big process. It can take months of research, planning, and design. Then more months of the actual construction process itself. And it is not a cheap process. An addition is a huge investment of time, energy, and money. Make sure you get started on the right foot by taking some time to consider the following:

Depending on how and where your home sits on your property, there may be several ways to add to it. Additions don’t have to be adding a specific room. It is possible to add space to several rooms and remodel your floor plan while adding on to your home. Sometimes this will ultimately create a better outcome. This is why it is important to talk to a designer with a good vision and experience.

Going too Small
Additions are a big investment. If you are only planning to add a few square feet onto one room of your home, is the return on your investment worth it? Remodeling your home is always going to cost more per square foot than selling your home and purchasing a different one. If you aren’t completely happy with your space, but you aren’t sure if it’s worth adding on to, talk to a design-build firm and a realtor to ensure you understand all of your options.

Trying to DIY
If you’ve never framed a wall before or tied plumbing lines together, a home addition is not the place to learn. There are a lot of important structural elements to home additions that are best left to the professionals. It is ultimately more expensive in the long run to try and start with DIY, get partway through the project, and realize you need to call in professional help. Save yourself time and money by calling a design-build firm from the beginning.

Rushing the Process
You are adding on to your home because you plan to live here for a long time. Don’t just plan as you go along. Slowing down and being very intentional with the process will allow you to get the best results. You don’t want to rush through and end up regretting the way your space turns out. We’ve compiled a list of seven important things to consider before building your home addition.

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